Internet of things (IOT) – The smart future of Internet

Internet of Things (IOT)

Smart future started with IOT, connecting operating your vehicles, home appliances etc with your devices easily. IOT is basically a technology where your physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other things are connect with network, sensors to access it and control it.

Just an example:
If I ask you that whether your fan is running or not, there are only 2 ways you can find out whether it is running or not. 1 check the button or see the fan. What if my devices such as fan, air condition, washing machine are connected with my mobile devices with wifi and reports me the status of my devices etc.

IOT is not only the matter of fan, it can be anything. Your traffic signal reports a road jam a head to you in advance. IOT is simply connecting all the surrounding smart devices (things) to Internet. These devices use sensors & actuators to communicate with each other across the internet.

1. Smart Device – Any mechanical or electronic device that can take intelligent decisions on its own.

2. Sensor – A small chip that senses the surrounding activites.

3. Actuator – Another small chip that responds to the sensed activities

Let’s understand it with a short example :
Suppose you wear a smart watch which senses your blood pressure and keeps you aware of it. For instance, your blood pressure level crosses the danger level. So in that case your smart watch will automatically send a message to another smart device installed at your nearest hospital via internet. On receiving such alarming message, they will take a wise decision by sending an ambulance to your address and thus treat you on time. That’s the power of IOT.

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