Use your whole brain to create website layouts


We all know intuitively what makes a website look bad: overused bevel effects, corny clip art, overcrowded layouts. These annoyances are easily corrected by developing with design fundamentals in mind – the same principles used by professional designers and artists alike. Here are few points which causes your website designs really looks bad.

What make a website looks bad ?
– First and foremost thing is you have an interest in design.
– You are not following the rules mostly
– Using bad color combination is design. You text and background color is merged
– Stretching the images or text which give worst appearance.
– Overusing the Gradient effects
– Using funny clip arts.
– Going rough with bevel tools.
– Not choosing the fonts that support your content.
– Overloading the site with hugh scripts
– Not deleting the unwanted codes from file simply leaving it code to grow.
– Not cross verifying the compatibily of website on different browser at start.
– Not taking the help from others not just random people on the street, but constructive critique from people who really know their stuff, like other designers/developers.

A good designer is a good analysiser and also reads the mind of customer what exactly he/she is looking for. He also work on time frame even if you are a good designer but if you leave the bus and show your potential later it is of no use you should always keep in mind that you have stipulated period time to show your creativity.

Imaging before you start, Discuss before you start, Align before you start, Once you start reach to the end.

Thank You!
Good design wins awards.
Great design is invisible.

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